Curmudgeons by Danny DeVito

Great Beards, Great Acting and only 16 mins long – Watch it now. Curmudgeons from Jersey 2nd Avenue on Vimeo.

Trevor Wayne

Where have I been? Can’t believe I’ve ONLY just come across bearded model, Trevor Wayne today…. Check out his fine facial hair and sultry manliness in this video short by Alex McDonell on Vimeo. Trevor Wayne from Alex McDonell on … Continue reading

Dollar Beard Club

This one caught my eye on Vimeo Dollar Beard Club – “Growing Wild” 15sec Teaser from Project Copilot on Vimeo.

Hipsters Extreme – ‘Stuff Pick’ on Vimeo

“STUFF PICK” is a short art film by Italian artistic collective Ground’s Oranges that encapsulates and exaggerates hipster culture to the point of absurdity. The film was selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick. ‘The era we are living could be … Continue reading

Delivery: Bill’s Beard

While cycling is still fresh in our minds meet Bill. He’s fifty-two years old, has a mountain man beard, and delivers pizza on a fixie in Brooklyn. Over the course of several shifts, DELIVERY unveils an intriguing man rushing food … Continue reading

The Beard on Vimeo

Once a Viking always a Viking – this made me smile! The Beard from Anne Tsepko on Vimeo.

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Scotch Porter – Men’s wipes..

Saturday Morning Beard Fact

By the turn of the twentieth century, beards were worn mostly by grumpy old men, and in 1904 the writer and humorist Frank Richardson coined the expression ‘face fungus’. Although he is little read today, Richardson was popular in his … Continue reading

Beard Shopping – Vintage Plate

Let’s talk about this Vintage beard plate on Etsy UK Unique 27cm Vintage beard plate on Etsy UK with Victorian Medical illustrations from an extensive collection of obscure bandaging techniques. A unique, one-off, up-cycled vintage plate. Only one available £35. Decorated … Continue reading

Saturday Morning Beard Fact

In 1904 a London County Council report stated that anyone suffering from ring-worm of the beard (a scourge of the day) must not be served in the barbers, hairdressers’ or haircutting shops’. This clause was seen even more important than … Continue reading

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