is a website dedicated entirely to the celebration of The Beard. If you are a fan of facial hair – particularly of the chin variety – then you have hours of happy browsing ahead of you.

Founded and curated by beard aficionado, Victoria Ambrosetti, brings you imagery, stories and tips from around the world. From mind-blowing photographs of bushy pieces of art to interviews with whichever suitably interesting bearded wonders we manage to track down, we will feed your insatiable thirst for all things beard.


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Celebrate your difference on Etsy


Celebrate your difference on Etsy

Etsy have nailed it by celebrating what makes each and everyone one of us different with their new Difference makes us campaign. Head over to Etsy and check out what makes this creative hub so totally quirky and unique and … Continue reading


Saturday Morning Beard Fact

Although it would have been unthinkable for a British politician in the nineteenth century to be seen without facial hair, in twentieth -century Britain it was an entirely different story. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher showed her ‘iron lady’ side by … Continue reading

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