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Founded and curated by beard aficionado, Victoria Ambrosetti, brings you imagery, stories and tips from around the world. From mind-blowing photographs of bushy pieces of art to interviews with whichever suitably interesting bearded wonders we manage to track down, we will feed your insatiable thirst for all things beard.


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Beard Shopping: iPhone Cases

Looking for something hairy to cover your new iPhone? Here are Beardrevered’s top three picks from Etsy UK: iPhone case on Etsy UK i Love Beards iphone case on Etsy UK iphone case on Etsy UK


Saturday Morning Beard Fact

The men of ancient Rome had a more ambiguous relationship with beards. They found the long curled beards of the Greeks somewhat off-putting, and those Romans who chose to wear beards tended to keep them clipped and neat. Lucius Tarquinius … Continue reading

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