The Modern Man’s Guide To A Clean And Stylish Appearance

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April 6, 2018



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The concept of the stylish modern-day man seems to change from day to day. It can be hard to keep up with the times and make sure that your appearance looks good in the modern world. Obviously, you don’t have to conform to trends for the sake of “fitting in” – it’s more about looking objectively good (or as close as one can get to “objective” stylishness). There are definitely right and wrong ways to go about grooming yourself or picking out clothes for your wardrobe. Certain rules are timeless when it comes to style. Still, we’re happy that some things are now fashionable that once weren’t (beards, most of all). Anyway, here’s the modern man’s guide to a clean and stylish appearance.

Your Hair

It’s no surprise that we’re going to start by talking about hair, seeing as we almost exclusively talk about beards on this website. Of course, as obsessed with facial hair as we might be on this site, you might feel self-conscious about the locks on your head. Make sure you do your research when buying shampoo to ensure that it contains ingredients which are going to help repair and cleanse your hair. If a certain brand isn’t working for you then switch. And when it comes to looking stylish, they say that you either have to opt for a trimmed beard and messy hair or a messy beard and trimmed hair. Looking clean and well-groomed is all about making it clear that you’ve put effort into your appearance in some sense. Don’t go for an unkempt beard and unkempt hair.

That being said, the problem might be a lack of hair rather than a messy head of hair. A mighty mane of beard hair can look a little lonely without the locks to match on top. You might want to look into medical solutions for male pattern baldness. You can even order your medication online if you do your research. In this advanced age, there’s nothing stopping you from getting the look you want when it comes to your facial hair or head hair. You know how seriously we take this topic at beardrevered.

Your Hygiene

Whilst some people might act as if the concept of hygiene isn’t very manly, that’s absolute nonsense. It’s not that outdated macho ideals matter in 2018, but hygiene should be important to you even if you are a “manly man”. You might be proud of your physique and your ambitious facial hair, but your overall appearance will suffer if you don’t keep on top of basic hygiene. A beard containing bits of food from your lunch isn’t going to look stylish and fashionable; it’s going to look unkempt. Make sure you prioritise your level of cleanliness if you want to look like a sleek and fashionable modern man. You could even check out this soap for hipsters that we’ve discussed before. If you want to smell like bacon, beer, or coffee then go ahead – it’s fine to smell of “manly” smells. The most important thing is that you simply keep yourself clean. Take showers, and wash your shirts from time to time, okay?

Your Wardrobe

Your attire is the final component of your style. It might be the area which causes you the most problems because fashion can be hard for men. It doesn’t feel as if there are as many options for us. What else is there other than the jeans and shirt combo? Well, it’s all about subtlety. That’s what will set your style apart from other guys. As briefly discussed earlier when we were talking about grooming, looking good is all about putting effort. If you want your style to really stand out then it has to be clear that you’ve got an eye for what you’re doing and some real thought has gone into your wardrobe.

You don’t need to start attending fashion shows to understand style. It’s not about extravagance; it’s about the little details. A jean and T-shirt combination can look fantastic if it’s well-fitted, for example. That “tailor-made” look tells the world that you knew what you were doing when you bought the outfit. Additionally, accessories can tie an outfit together. Some cufflinks on a smart dress shirt or a nice watch to go with casual daytime attire can turn a plain outfit into a very fashionable look. If you want to fix your wardrobe then you just need to put some effort into choosing clothes which fit your figure and look simplistic yet stylish.

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