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April 3, 2017



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Let’s talk about Ernest Thomas & Co., a brand that encapsulates the classic romance of early 20th century Britain with a bespoke range of men’s lifestyle products combining vintage details with a 21st Century contemporary twist.​

Meet the boys behind the brand, read our rave review on their products and follow us both on Instagram for a chance to win their fabulous beard products, 30ml Beard Oil by Ernest Thomas & Co & 60ml Beard Balm by Ernest Thomas & Co

The Brand

1.) Tell us all about Ernest Thomas and Co.

Ernest Thomas & Co are three brothers who have been inspired by our grandfather, Ernest, to create a bespoke range of men’s lifestyle products that encapsulate the romance of early 20th Century Britain & combine our grandfathers vintage details with our own contemporary twist. We have recently made the move to recruit our dad, who has a wealth of life and business experience but who also brings Ernest closer to us through his memories of his kind hearted father!

3.) Tell us what makes your product stand out from the crowd?

 Our fragrance. The fragrance is very different and immensely popular! 

We have made sure all ingredients are free of parabens and none of our ingredients are tested on animals! 

We are also working on our company values and social responsibility. We have researched a few stand-out companies that don’t simply sell a product but a set of values and ideas that benefit others and the environment. We would love to be able to follow in their footsteps as they are truly very inspiring.

Our emotive link to our clients. Grandfathers are heroic & iconic figures that are revered for their sense of dress, attitude & morals. Through the course of our research we found many others shared this opinion. This was our emotive link that people could really relate to. After all we as humans thrive on happy memories. 

We chose a vintage look for the packaging & labels that would help create the link to our forefathers and our past.


4.) Who has the greatest beard of all time?

 It’s a really difficult question as we have two favourites…..W.G. Grace who had a magnificent beard who 20th Century writer Clifford Bax once said “There is no more renowned beard in all humanity”.  And King George V….. the King of England during early 20th century, he sported a great looking beard and an immaculate ‘tache. As a king with a beard you hold the trump card!

5.) What is your top tip when grooming unruly facial hair?

Make sure you start with the foundations….just as you would a house. Get your beard into the best condition possible with a beard wash & conditioner. (Ernest Thomas & Co Beard Wash & Conditioner will be on sale soon) Once your beard is in tip top shape you can then apply a beard oil/balm to style and further nourish your beard.

 6.) How would you describe your products in 3 words?

 Emotive, vintage, luxury

 7.) Do you have beards yourselves? If so, do you have a favourite local barber?

Yes, we do ranging from stubble to a Father Christmas length beard. We use a barber called Andy Benzie from The Blunt Rabbit in Oxfordshire. He has such a vintage feel and look to the shop. It really feels as though you are stepping into the 1940s. He dresses with shirt, braces and trousers and keeps a photo of his grandfather at his workstation. Andy is very cool and he’s great at what he does!!

 8.) Who are your bearded heroes and why?

King George V as mentioned before if you are the king that’s pretty cool but to have a beard as well! 

Any explorer from the Sir Ernest Shackleton or Captain Robert Falcon Scott expedition parties. The look is very different to what we’d expect from a groomed gentleman, obviously they had a different set of priorities but snow covered beards look great!

Modern day bearded heroes would have to be; Idris Alba, for a shorter beard this is a lovely beard. It has a dash of grey and slick lines which just so happen to be on the face of a rather cool gentleman. Brian Blessed do we need to say anymore? James Harden the Houston Rockets NBA basketball star potentially has the nicest beard. It’s thick and full, big and perfectly sculpted. No beard list would be complete without a fictional character that sports a truly magical beard and that man is the Harry Potter character, Dumbledore. 

The Review

Beardrevered’s secret tester trialled Ernest Thomas & Co’s 30ml Beard Oil by Ernest Thomas & Co & 60ml Beard Balm by Ernest Thomas & Co – here’s what he thought..

How would you describe your beard?

My beard is well established and I’ve had it full time for getting on 8 years. It’s thick, straight and multi-coloured.

Is this the first time you’ve used beard oil or balm?

I hadn’t used any specialist beard products until I was recently introduced to them by the chief at Beardrevered. I had used one other oil over the last few months but not balm before.

What was your initial reaction to the products you tested?

I was impressed with the packaging – simple, old skool and appealing to the mature and discerning beard wearer. The fragrances was slightly floral yet masculine.

How was the texture once it was on your beard?

It certainly softened my beard and made it springier and easier to groom.

Does it hydrate the skin as well as the beard?

Yes it does – my skin feels soft, supple and youthful!

Have you noticed any significant changes to your beard since using your ET products

Yes, it’s now an altogether happier and more fragrant nest for crumbs and beer foam to dwell in.

Would you recommend this product to your hirsute friends?

Yes. Whole-beardedly. 5 stars.

The Giveaway

To win a set of Ernest Thomas products see details below and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @ErnestThomasCo & @Beardrevered









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