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February 4, 2015



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Pin this – pronounced “bristle err” – in your very best pirate voice (eye patch optional) – is a new social beard network or online dating site connecting those with beards to those who want to stroke beards! Founded by the ingenious John Kershaw – a freelance software developer turned bearded matchmaker, Bristlr is the one-stop site  for pogonophiles searching for their one true hairy love. Eureka!

This is one man we HAD to talk to. Here’s what John had to say to Beardrevered when we caught up with him last week….

Tell us about Bristlr – how did the idea come about?

It all started as something of a joke. I was procrastinating in work, stroking my beard, trying to think up novelty app ideas. And it struck me; an app which connects people with beards to those who want to stroke them. And Bristlr was born. I made a fake landing page for it, and to my surprise people started signing up! I spent a couple of weeks’ evenings building a basic prototype, launched, and have been growing ever since.

How does it work and who can join?

Anyone can join as long as you either love beards or have a beard. You just sign up, add a photo of you, say where you are, and you’re away! You can see everyone near who either has a beard or is looking for a beard. You click the heart on anyone you think seems cool (everyone has a profile with the bio on). When two people both like each other, the heart goes red and you can message each other. There’s also a fun feature where you can just rate beards all day; and I know some people signed up just to do that.

What’s the general response been like?

Overwhelmingly positive. It’s been great. Loads of people are saying lots of lovely things about Bristlr, and the fine beards they find on their. I know a few people who now use Bristlr as their main dating app of choice. High praise indeed!


Tell us about your own beard – how long do you spend on your grooming routine?

My own routine is pretty basic; a nice hot shower and shampoo, then a nice beard oil when I get out the shower to keep it soft and smelling nice. If I’m feeling fancy I’ll add some moustache wax. And maybe a bit of beard balm to keep it all in place, but that’s more pampering.

Do you have a favourite Barber or beard grooming products?

I’m still trying out a bunch of different local barbers. I have a few products that I’m super fond of. There’s this company called Bath Sabbath on Etsy who make just the nicest smelling oils. And the rum & vanilla wax from Bounder is my go-to moustache wax.

What do you think about the whole ‘Peak Beard’ craze? Do you subscribe to this?

Partly. I don’t dismiss it outright; I think it’s fair to say there’s been a resurgence in the beard recently, and most of that has been a fashion thing. But, I don’t think we’re at “peak” beard at all. Beards aren’t as disposable as a pair of trendy jeans or a nice hat, so there’s going to be a lot of inertia to get them to go anywhere. Even if the fashion fades, we have many years of lovely beards ahead of us.

What were you doing before Bristlr?

I was a freelance software developer.

What do you like to do in your time off?

Any time not spent on Bristlr is spent with my Roller Derby team. I skate with and coach at Manchester Roller Derby. They’re a second family, and I love the high energy sport.

Who’s your bearded hero and why?

Would it be too cheesy to say my Dad? It’s probably the beard I’ve seen the most often growing up.



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