Guaranteed Ways To Get The Gift You Want At Christmas

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November 30, 2017



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This could be yours if you don’t follow our advice!  

Remember last Christmas? Did you get everything your heart desired, or did you end up with yet another box of deodorant or a traditional festive jumper, rather than this year’s Xbox games you were hoping to play on Christmas Day? Well, let this year be different. There are guaranteed ways to get the gifts you want, and we are going to tell you how.

Start hinting early

When window shopping with your mates or loved ones, drop subtle hints here and there. “That jacket would like good with the shirt I bought a while ago.” “Everyone’s been raving about that game, if only I could play it too.” Or words to similar effect. Make hints about the things you don’t want too. “The last thing I need is another tie,” you might say, as you emerge from your wardrobe in an ‘accidental’ tangle.

Leave your computer open

Found something you would love to own when browsing online? Leave the web page open for all to see, whether it’s your Amazon wishlist or these unique gift ideas from Cuckooland. The hint may not be subtle, but at least people know what you’re interested in.

Ask for money or gift vouchers

The easy way to avoid getting stuck with a Christmas present you hate. Asking for money or an appropriate gift voucher means you can buy yourself exactly what you want, rather than let other people play the guessing game and buying you something awful. You will be pleased, your relative will be happy that you’re pleased, and everybody wins!

Be generous

Want something expensive, but your partner keeps turning a blind eye to your wishes? Buy her something expensive in return, or shower her with gifts in the weeks leading up to Christmas Day. After seeing your generosity, she might change her mind and buy you that thing you have been begging her for this last few months. Either that or she will see right through your attempts, and milk you for every lovely gift your money can buy, while she still gets you the ‘light-up’ pullover you have been dreading.

The ‘accidental text on purpose’

If you watched the recent episode of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ you will know what we mean. Basically, if you want to get what you want, send a text to the ‘wrong person.’ So, let’s say you are texting your mate about what you hope your girlfriend buys you at Christmas, but by ‘accident’, you send the text to your girlfriend instead. For example, ‘Hi Pete, I really hope Lisa buys me that watch we were looking at the other day.” Catch what we’re saying?

Be blunt with people

Finally, remember honesty is sometimes the best policy. If you want something, ask for it! There’s no point being shy at Christmas, especially if you hate surprises, so open your mouth, or email everybody your Christmas list. Kids do it all the time, whether it’s writing a list to Santa or pestering their parents, so copy their example and do the same. Oh, and don’t forget to drop the subject into the conversation at regular intervals, to make sure people are getting the point! If they want you to shut up, they darn well better make sure they get you what you want. And if they don’t? Keep on pestering until next year!

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