Pollapönk – Eurovision 2014

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May 10, 2014



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Eurovision time is almost upon us again and I shall be tuning in as usual – not for the songs I hasten to add, but for the sheer comedy value.

For starters Graham Norton hosts – so that’s reason enough for me, but it’s the bizarre collection of oddballs/singers that make it surreal and genuinely hilarious quintessentially European viewing.

I’ve had a little look to see what’s on offer (beard-wise) and can safely say Iceland have done it again! Last year’s entrant, Eyþór Ing, with his dashing fisherman looks faired only 17th, so we have high hope for Pollapönk with their song “No Prejudice and their varied selection of facial hair. May the best (bearded) band win!

Tune in tonight at 8pm on BBC1


Image: Eurovision





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