Fashion Notes For Bearded Blokes

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August 28, 2018



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Staying trendy can be tough for bearded blokes. Whilst beards are very fashionable in modern society, they still require a lot of maintenance; and you need to keep your overall look sharp if you want to nail the look. Simply growing a beard is only the first step to nailing the overall aesthetic. You’ve got to think about what you’re wearing and how you style the rest of your hair. In this article, we’ve made some notes on all the things that bearded blokes need to consider if they want to look fashionable.

Keep your face looking trimmed.

Relax; we’re not suggesting that you shave that mighty beard of yours. But there’s a right and a wrong way to rock facial hair. If you want a beard that flows past your neck then you need to make sure you keep it looking neat and tidy; make sure you trim it regularly so that it maintains its shape. Unruly beards can very quickly lose their cool if they lose their shape. Additionally, you should think about the hair on top of your hair too. If you want a wild beard then you should aim to keep your head hair relatively tidy and trimmed. If you only have stubble or a small beard, however, then messy head hair can still look cool.

The point is that combining messy head hair with a messy beard can look a little unfashionable. Perhaps it’s because your style starts to look unintentional; it simply appears as if you’ve forgotten to shave or get a haircut. Looking fashionable is all about making it clear that you’ve put thought into your appearance. You have to look relatively sharp and trimmed. You can still achieve that with a long beard, but you’ve got to keep on top of your grooming routine.

Nail your wardrobe.

As mentioned earlier, your fashion sense is important when it comes to rocking a beard. If you stroll around in old and tattered clothes then people might think you’ve simply neglected to maintain any sort of self-care routine. A beard is more impressive if it’s combined with a fashionable aesthetic. Trimmed head hair and facial hair can help in this regard, but you need to think about your attire too. You might want to check out the John Henric US collection for well-fitted and colourful clothing. The fit of your outfit is essential to your look. If your clothes appear tailor-made to your physique then it’ll seem as if you’ve put even more effort into your appearance.

You also need to coordinate your clothes with your beard in terms of colour. For instance, darker beards requires clothing of a darker colour. Your beard is part of your aesthetic, so find a way to interweave it with your wardrobe. That’s how you’ll make it clear that you’ve made a fashion statement. If you’ve got red hair then it can be hard to coordinate your outfit with your beard, but blue is a colour that can work exceptionally well.

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