Why do bikes and beards go together so well?

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May 29, 2018



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There are all manner of times when a beard will help you get far. Women will swoon over your facial locks, and men will envy them. You’ll be the talk of the town, and the eye candy on the street. And, the benefits don’t stop on foot either. When you take to the road, a beard can also bring benefits. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that beards and bikes go together like pies and gravy. You can get one without the other if you really want. But, everyone knows they work best in a pair.

Given that you’re reading this post, there’s a good chance you’re already sold on the benefits of the beard. But, for the non-believers, we’re going to take a quick look at the three leading reasons why bikes and beards are a pair made in heaven.

Other drivers are less likely to mess

Motorcyclists and cyclists alike have issues with other drivers. If you’re on a bike, you’ll get abuse, and it could get dangerous. Some drivers don’t respect their two-wheeled road companions. They’ll either hurl abuse at you, or fail to accept your rights on the road. In fact, violation of motorcyclists’ right of way is one of the leading motorcycle accident causes on the road. And, a beard can help here more than you would imagine. To the mere mortal, beards are pretty daunting things at times. Especially if you’re dressed in leather and rocking a badass motorcycle. The impact may not be as great on a manual option, but it’s still worth a go. The moment those drivers get a flash of your glorious beard, they may think twice about messing with you. At least, that’s the hope…

The face warming benefits

Yes, we know; face warming benefits come from beards in general. Never will your chin be more toasty than with a fuzzy facial coating. BUT, when you’re on a bike, you may come to appreciate this even more. After all, you’ll be exposed to all the elements, and a brisk wind could soon cut through your defenses. But, not if you have a beefy beard to protect you. With one of these babies, you can ride in arctic conditions and still stay snug.

Part of the club


We all like to be different sometimes. But, it’s also nice to feel like you belong, isn’t it? Especially when the rest of the ‘club’ are big, beefy, and pretty hardcore. We are, of course, talking about the biker club. More often than not, these guys don’t take any messing. We’ve all heard the rumors, haven’t we? And, if you take the name of motorcycling in vain, you could soon find yourself out in the cold and a target of scorn. But, if you have a beard to boast of, you at least have an in-point. This may not make you besties with the Hell’s Angels, but it should at least earn you respectful nods from fellow bikers when you’re out.

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