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September 23, 2019



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Apologies, it’s been a while since our last product review.

Due to the sheer numbers of requests that we now receive we have decided to cut down on the number of product reviews we post on unless we are drawn to a stand-out product or a particular brand.

With that in mind, it is with great delight that we bring you our thoughts on Mountaineer Brand, a family run business based in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Not only were we delighted with the products, this company has real heart and great values.

Post Shave Beard Balm

Started in 2013 by brother and sister team Eric and Meredith Young, Mountaineer Brand is committed to using natural ingredients. This commitment comes from far more than a desire to jump on the growing all-natural bandwagon. By the time Eric started Mountaineer Brand in 2013 he had recently lost both his wife and his mother to cancer, and it opened his eyes to the potential consequences of consuming products with artificial additives as well as how those same consequences could be drawn from what we apply to our skin.

The complete beard care kit

The package we received was generously full to the brim with an assortment of Mountaineer brand beard balms, beard oil, shampoos and lip balms in various flavours and scents as well as a very handy beard brush. Of all the scents (and there are many to choose from) our favourite was the citrus and spice – not overwhelming in either citrus or spice and definitely a better way for a bearded gentleman to make a scented statement.

Our tester was very impressed by the Mountaineer Brand products. With his well-established, thick, full beard, a pea-sized drop of the beard shampoo gave a rich, dense lather, providing an invigorating and thorough wash. A little of this shampoo really goes a long way.
The beard oil is non-greasy and light, great for post-shower grooming and styling, easing brushing out a thick beard.

He was particularly keen on the magic beard balm for daily use, which lightly tamed the wilder instincts of his full beard. It was easy to apply, left the beard soft, manageable and best of all non-greasy.

Neither of the two scents were over-whelming – as some products can be.
Beardrevered tried both fragrances in the shampoo, balm and beard oil. The citrus and spice is rich and wintery, reminiscent of Christmas mulled wine and clementines. The lime and sage is fresher and lighter, and brings to mind herby fish tacos and lime-infused Corona!

As well as the products for facial hair there were also a selection of highly moisturising lip balms in cherry, spearmint, peppermint and licorice flavours which provided sufficeint moisturising lip protection as well as a tin of Granny Vicars’ sore muscle rub. I particulary like the history behind this one:

‘Our family care line is inspired by our founders’ great-grandmother, Granny Vicars.

Raising seven children through the depression, Granny Vicars knew what worked.  All natural ingredients made up the salves, balms and rubs Granny trusted to care for her family.  Granny Vicars depended on natural ingredients to care for her family and she is the inspiration for our family care products. 

Our Granny Vicars’ Family Care Products are handmade in West Virgina with all natural ingredients.  Our products include diaper balms, healing salves, lip balms, insect repellant, hand salves, itch and rash relief.

Granny Vicars: it worked for her, it will work for you.’

5 beardrevered stars to the wonderful people at Mountaineer brand – consider us converted.

* This is a collaborative post with Mountaineer brand *


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