Facial breakfast: Beard Butter

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October 28, 2019



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Beard Butter on Etsy UK

Lush Bear’s premium Beard Butter on Etsy UK is small-batch and handmade using top-shelf ingredients that do what they claim to do. The coconut oil is a powerful moisturizing ingredient and the sweet almond oil stimulates growth. The argan oil is a nutrient rich ingredient that increases your hair’s elasticity while the hemp seed oil softens your beard, preventing it from becoming brittle. The shea and mango Beard Butter on Etsy UK adds shine while sealing and protecting each strand while our essential oil blend provides a nostalgic scent that stays with you all day!

While beard oil is for nourishing and moisturizing the skin UNDER your beard, beard butter is meant to condition and soften your ACTUAL beard hairs. Is your beard coarse, dry, and brittle? Does it feel like hay? Then this is a product you’ll love.

DIRECTIONS: Apply Beard Butter on Etsy UK to a damp beard, after you’ve already applied your beard oil. Use the back of your fingernail to scrape out desired amount – about a nickel size for short/fine beards and as much as a quarter size for longer/more coarse beards. Spread between palms until completely melted and massage deeply into beard, being sure to avoid the underlying skin. Use twice daily during harsh winter months. Finish with beard balm for extra hold. Comb/brush beard into desired style.

Beard Butter on Etsy UK
Beard Butter on Etsy UK


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